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It is indeed essential to protect yourself, your staff, and your valuable inventory when conducting business. Having a comprehensive service agreement in place can help establish clear expectations and protect your interests.


This agreement was developed with the input of a professional Business Attorney and updated based on 5 years of experience working with clients to cover typical issues that may arise in your business relationships.


However, it is crucial to note that no agreement can cover every possible scenario that might occur when working with clients. Business interactions can be complex and unique, and new situations may arise that were not anticipated in the agreement. As a result, it is important to regularly review and update the agreement as needed to ensure it remains relevant and effective in protecting your business.


If you have any specific concerns or anticipate unusual scenarios that may not be covered by the existing agreement, it's advisable to seek legal advice to address those specific situations appropriately. An attorney can help you customize the agreement or include additional clauses to ensure your business's interests are well-protected.


For support or any issues accessing the document, please email


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