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Tips For Getting Back To Business Routine After The Holidays

Happy New Year!!! I have high hopes and great expectations, ready for new adventures.

The holiday season offers some respite and joyful interruptions from our regular routines. This break can be a double-edged sword for a home staging team, a well-deserved rest, but also a departure from the rhythm of work. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to rejuvenate your team's passion and set the stage for a year of success and creativity.

During the holidays I like to maintain a mellow profile. For the most part, with no pressing need to meet humans outside of my family, I find myself somewhat out of character and just want to watch Netflix and eat bonbons in my PJs all day. (I have a few extra pounds to show for it) :)

It typically takes a bit of transitioning for me to get back into character, however, this year started with a big bang! My firstborn child embarked on an international trip on New Year's Eve, bound for Japan to study abroad for the winter. We woke up on January 1st to news of an earthquake, Tsunami warning, evacuation and power outage in Japan. All these while she was in the air en route (thankfully she is fine). January 2nd, we woke up to the news of an airplane collision and fire on the runway at a Japanese airport. It's only the second day of the year! Needless to say, I am fully in form and back in character with my eyes wide open. Lord, you have my attention, and I am thankful for my daughter's safety. She's stable and distracted with settling into a new country, jet-lagged with a 17-hour time difference, and not much time to dwell on what is going on.

Set The Mood For Success

As you shift gears, ready to re-immerse ourselves in the art and business of home staging. Here are some tips to help you smoothly transition back to your professional best beyond an organized warehouse, repairing broken furniture, marketing, and housekeeping stuff

Your physical workspace can significantly impact productivity and creativity. Take some time to reorganize and refresh your workspace. A tidy, well-organized space will set you and your team up for new inspiration.

Reflect and Reconnect

A good way to start is to have a casual meet-up with your team to share holiday stories. This reconnects the team on a personal level and reignites the sense of camaraderie crucial for a collaborative environment such as a home staging business.

Before we start ramping up with new projects, I like to intentionally spend the end of the year with my team doing a fun group activity and the first week of the year sitting down for one-on-ones to plan for the year and then regrouping for a power team meeting to kick off the year.

I am blessed with very smart and talented individuals on my team, so I am not limited to my own ideas alone. It is important to me to get everyone excited about what is to come and ensure we are all going in the same direction.

Here are 4 simple questions I had for each member of my team that brought about very thoughtful conversations and new ideas that we are setting in motion immediately to improve our operations and processes.

  1. What worked well last year?

  2. What needs improvement?

  3. What ideas do they have for improvement?

  4. What are their goals for the first quarter and how can I support them? (sometimes this may not align with the goals I have for them, then we can discuss why and how to adjust that for the common good)

Retrain, Delegate, And Reposition Your Team And Service Offering

Between the bonbons and Netflix, I have taken some time to take short business courses and read a few good books to get closer to my future self.

Identify existing talent within your team and delegate new tasks to free up your time so you can focus on bringing in more business.

A short, engaging training session for your team can be a great way to introduce new trends and techniques. This can also be an opportunity to review your company’s unique approach and values, reinforcing your brand's identity.

One of the challenges for my team this year is to repurpose inventory in the decor department and come up with creative, unconventional ways of using our inventory, for example: bringing an item you would normally decorate a kitchen with into the bathroom (nonfunctional items of course) :)

Set Clear Goals And Stay Inspired

With a fresh year ahead, setting clear, achievable goals is paramount. Whether it's tackling a specific number of staging projects, enhancing your portfolio, or learning new staging techniques – having well-defined objectives gives your team a roadmap to follow.

Finally, keep the inspiration alive. Encourage your team to share articles, blogs, or images that inspire them. This not only fosters a culture of continuous learning but also ensures that your team stays on top of current trends and ideas.

Check In With Your Clients

Assuming that previous clients will become repeat clients is a common mistake. Proactively reach out and let them know you are still in business and ready to serve them. Regularly engaging with your clients should be a year-round exercise, not just a once-a-year task. While you may enjoy a degree of passive business from dedicated clients, actively nurturing relationships will win you more business. Rather than waiting for them to approach you, (which they might not because there are always options,) initiate contact to keep your business fresh in their minds. Call, text, or email to check on them, and if you haven't already, consider setting up a routine email newsletter as an effective tool for consistent communication.

Books Worth Reading

Connect And Grow With Me

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Joké Durojaiye

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