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HOME STAGING PRO - The Art And Business Of Home Staging

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Make money doing what you love without starting from scratch. Take a peek into the secrets of a successful home staging company. THE ART OF HOME STAGING The streamlined formula for converting a house into a desirable model home. Gain confidence in your design abilities when you understand the reasons behind your design decisions How to use home staging as a marketing tool Demographics and cultural awareness in design and real estate marketing Know the difference between decorating for a dwelling and staging to sell. Navigating the logistics of home staging. The "who what, when, how, and where" How to evaluate a home before you stage, so you know the style, scale, and type of furnishing required The Anatomy Of A Home, understand form, function, and flow for creating a balanced design that is easy on the eyes Optimal space planning: Learn how to define spaces with traffic patterns Room-by-room mastery of furniture selection and placement of the right scaled furniture proportionate to the space. The importance of symmetry and balance in design Color Simplified: How to select and combine colors that sell Inventory - How to curate and manage inventory Real Estate terms and timelines you should know Must have customizable toolkits Downloadable Workflows, checklists, and Toolkits THE BUSINESS OF HOME STAGING: How to create your first portfolio Business models with no capital required so you can start making money immediately To niche or not to niche? Curating inventory that makes you money Inventory management and tracking Access to wholesale pricing and vendors How to collaborate with Real Estate Agents How to price your services so you will make a profit and pay yourself How to get paid Effective marketing Master the art of selling Planning for the slow season Book Keeping basics FOR FLEXIBLE PAYMENT PLAN, CHOOSE PAYPAL AT CHECKOUT Then click the "Pay Later" option.





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